Great Bridal Showers

Terrific Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Every special occasion has a centerpiece, and a wedding shower should be no exception. A bridal shower centerpiece can be more than just a floral arrangement on the buffet tables.

If you're looking for a special idea for a bridal shower centerpiece, think beyond the table and choose a focal point for the entire room. A bridal shower centerpiece can form the basis for the entire decorating scheme for the bridal shower.

Typically, when people decorate for a wedding shower or party, they focus their attention on decorating the tables rather than on the room as a whole. If you'd like to make a memorable occasion even more memorable, think of decorating for the bridal shower in terms of decorating a room, and start with a focal point - the bridal shower centerpiece - and 'grow' your decorating scheme from there.

There are a lot of bridal shower motifs that you can choose from. Suppose you choose a wishing well to be the focal point of your decorating scheme. Wishing wells are popular bridal shower motifs, and are often used to hold small gifts and trinkets for the bride.

Promote the wishing well to center stage by positioning it in a corner near the front of the room. You can call further attention to it by flanking it on either side with the gift table and the shower favors table, making it literally the bridal shower centerpiece. If you have the time and the talent, you can even create a small gazebo of wooden trellis and decorate it with silk or real flowers.

Base the rest of your bridal shower decorations on your centerpiece. Use the colors that decorate the wishing well for napkins and table linens, or choose flowers for the table centerpieces that decorate the wishing well.

For bridal shower favors, pick up miniature wishing wells and fill them with dinner mints or Jordan almonds. Just use the wishing well centerpiece theme throughout the entire room to bring all the decorations into a coordinated whole. Other bridal shower centerpiece ideas that you might play off of include the bride-to-be's throne, wedding shower parasols, piņatas and other traditional bridal shower themes.

Another idea for a bridal shower centerpiece is to make the food the centerpiece. Build the room around the buffet or appetizer table. You might choose something special as the buffet table centerpiece and echo it on each table with a smaller version. A beautiful ice sculpture on the buffet table, for instance, may be echoed with a similar centerpiece on each table in glass.

You might build the wedding shower theme around a champagne fountain, or the newest variation on the fountain - a chocolate fountain surrounded by tidbits of fruit, cookies and cake to dip into it.

You'll find other ideas for a bridal shower centerpiece if you poke around online at florists and wedding web sites. The more ideas you have to choose from, the more likely it is that you'll find the perfect idea to make a memorable, fun day for the bride to be and your guests.