Great Bridal Showers

Your Search for the Bridal Shower Card

Searching for a bridal shower card that expresses your best wishes to the bride in a special way can be an elusive quest. There is an abundance of cards for purchase in retail stores and on the internet. However, they just do not quite convey your sentiments without sounding commonplace. So what are your options? Customizing your own bridal shower card!

Making your own card will grab the bride's attention. Who does not love something personalized just for them? Instead of that generic bridal shower card that she will probably receive duplicates of, you will be giving her a gift within a gift. Basically, you want to make the bride say, "Awww, how lovely. That is such a thoughtful card!"

The first part of making your bridal shower card is the wording you want to use to express your feelings to the bride. Do you want to wish her good luck? How about reminiscing about your younger days when you just talked about finding the right guy and getting married? Perhaps, you want to impart some words of wisdom. Practice your words by jotting them down on paper. Work on phrasing and order. When you think you have a final draft, then you are ready for the next step crafting the card itself!

Now before you start saying that the creativity bug skipped a generation, just remember one thing. You already did the hard part - getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper. If you have a computer, you have the tools to produce the "physical" part of the bridal shower card.

Using photographs will personalize your custom card even more. If your message to the bride is light hearted, consider creating a funky sign congratulating the bride on her impending marriage and have someone take a picture of you holding the sign. Digital cameras make this a breeze to accomplish.

If your message for the bridal shower card is more sentimental and serious, look through your photo albums and find pictures of the bride in a contemplative pose or maybe some shots of you with the bride. Scan the picture of your choosing as a black and white photograph. A black and white picture can invoke a timeless, dreamlike quality suitable for your card's message.

If your computer was purchased in the twenty-first century, chances are that you have software with various card templates you can utilize for design purposes. And take a trip to the stationery store to peruse their selection of handmade papers and other specialty items. Choose some paper items that are appropriate for your card and make sure they are compatible with your printer! Get ribbon or tulle to dress up your bridal shower card even further. You need an envelope too!

Your personal, customized card will be an attention-getter and the bride will treasure it. Do not be surprised if she gets a little weepy over your thoughtful gesture. It will be safe to say that your bridal shower card will be the talk of the event and will probably make a few people say, "Awww!"