Great Bridal Showers

Choosing a Bridal Shower Cake

As the maid of honor, you not only have the honor of being chosen for the special role, but you have the duties and responsibilities that come with that role as well. While these duties can be many and varied, one of the most important is throwing a bridal shower for the bride-to-be. This task can be a daunting one as you will want everything to be perfect, beginning with the invitations right down to the bridal shower cake.

Whether you are planning the shower by yourself or there are several hostesses for the party, many aspects of the party should be coordinated and planned with the bride-to-be so that the color scheme and theme of the shower will comply with the color scheme and theme of the actual wedding.

Once you know the colors and theme of the wedding, they can be woven throughout all aspects of the bridal shower even the bridal shower cake! Whether you order the bridal shower cake from a bakery, or choose to bake it yourself (a word of caution – if you are not an expert at baking I would not recommend that you bake the cake yourself), there are a number of bridal shower cake ideas available that can match the theme of the party.

The best way to get a bridal shower cake idea is to visit some of your favorite bakeries to see what types of bridal shower cakes they can make and to start checking out wedding and bridal shower cake websites to see what they have to offer. You will find the bridal shower cake ideas shown on websites quite appealing and creative. Bells, hearts, umbrellas, and flowers are traditional choices for the bridal shower cake but there are others to choose from too if you want something a little more original.

Of course, the cake should not only look nice but must taste good too. Most bakers offer a selection of fillings, crèmes, and flavors for their cakes and it is up to you to decide which type will appeal to the shower guests the most. Keep in mind, too, the number of people that will be attending the shower so that you know what size cake to order.

You may choose to have something written on the cake as well. Naturally, what gets written on the cake will be limited by how much room there will be to write the message, but you can get creative and write anything from humorous to romantic or just plain sweet.

Having a theme and color scheme with which to work will make coming up with a bridal shower cake idea easier for some because it sets boundaries on the choices, while others may find it easier to come up with a bridal shower cake idea if there is no theme or color scheme.

Sometimes, the hostess will even choose to serve little mini cakes to each guest instead of one large cake for everyone. Ultimately, you must keep in mind that the bridal shower cake should be attractive, tasty, plentiful, and most importantly, pleasing to the bride and all her guests.