Great Bridal Showers

The Basics of Bridal Shower Bingo

Try bridal shower bingo as a fun way to liven up festivities. Bridal showers can become a bit tedious if you have just watched the bride unwrap her fourth china place setting. Something has got to give unless you want guests to slowly make up excuses on why they have to get home.

Best Bridal Shower Games
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There are various forms of this bridal bingo game. One variation involves handing the guests cards with blank boxes on them that resemble the layout of a bingo card. As the guests arrive and mingle, have them fill out each box with the name of a gift they think the bride will likely receive that day.

Like in the real Bingo game, there is a "free" box in the middle of the card. You can fill that in with your gift, since you obviously know what you are giving to the bride! As the bride opens her gifts, cross off the corresponding box on your bridal shower bingo card. The first guest to cross out five boxes in a row (or diagonally or up and down) is the winner of a prize.

A second variation involves the hostess handing out cards that have been pre-filled with various answers, usually based on some bridal theme. The boxes on the bridal bingo cards can be filled with answers to common wedding fill in the blank questions the hostess will ask aloud like "Always a ____, never the bride." The answer you would then look for and cross out on your bridal shower bingo card would be "bridesmaid," based on that old wedding saying about "always being a bridesmaid, but never the bride."

This bridal bingo game could also be turned into a "getting to know the bride" ice breaker type of activity. Again, the hostess would have a set of predetermined questions or fill in the blank questions. The bridal shower bingo cards would have the answers in each box.

For instance, a certain wedding saying about "something borrowed" is also a clue to the bride's favorite color. Of course, the answer would be "blue," based on the "something borrowed, something blue" wedding tradition.

There are also bridal shower bingo games that you can buy where the bingo cards are pre-printed with words or pictures. The hostess then reads a clue and you have to cross off the corresponding box with the correct answer. Once five boxes in a row are crossed off, you would shout, "Bridal Bingo!" Of course, the winner would be awarded a prize of some sort.

If you want to spice up the bridal shower up a notch or two, you can make your own risqué version of bridal bingo. On the internet are a variety of websites where you can download templates of a bingo card. Decide on your questions and answers and create the bingo cards. Just be sure that the bride will not be embarrassed by this unique version of bridal shower bingo!

Have fun with creating your own versions of bridal bingo. Prizes for the winners can be small, like candle votives or larger like one of the floral centerpieces. No matter what you decide, guests will talk about the fun they had with your bridal shower bingo game.