Great Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower Activity Ideas

Feeling frazzled with bridal shower plans? Need a few ideas for a bridal shower activity to help you out? What you are doing is truly a labor of love and the bride will appreciate and cherish your efforts.

However, knowing that doesn't make you any less stressed! Let's take a little of that load off and talk about bridal shower activity ideas...

In your research and talking with other people, you will probably hear that the theme of the bridal shower really guides the whole event. In essence, that is true. If you have a theme in mind, a lot of the components in the bridal shower process can just fall into place.

Talk with the bride about her hobbies or interests she pursues with her husband-to-be. Is there a particular area of gift-giving you can focus on? For instance, maybe the bride and groom have plenty of linens and stuff, but need kitchen ware and dishes. You can revolve any bridal shower activity ideas around the kitchen and cooking.

For the sake of brainstorming about additional bridal shower activity ideas, let's use the kitchen and cooking theme. Invitations can be in the form of a recipe card. Insert a blank recipe card into the invitation with instructions that the guest write their favorite recipe on it and bring it to the shower. A personalized cookbook can then be assembled from all the contributions and presented to the bride afterwards.

With a kitchen and cooking theme, one bridal shower activity you can do is get a glass measuring cup and fill it with M&M's or dried beans. Let the guests pass it around and try to guess how many M&M's or dried bean are in the cup. The guest with the closest answer without going over is the winner.

Another bridal shower activity is a play on the traditional Toilet Paper Bride game. Instead of using toilet paper, use the colored or patterned plastic wrap to wind around your bride to make her dress. Utilize aluminum foil to create her jewelry. To go one step further, use up those plastic grocery bags that you accumulate by the dozens when you shop.

Play a variation of the Musical Chairs game. This bridal shower activity would require you to have music and a kitchen utensil, like a mixing spoon or whisk. Start off with the bride holding the kitchen utensil. Turn some music on and have the utensil passed around from guest to guest.

Abruptly turn the music off and whoever is holding the utensil at that time has to answer a trivia question about the bride. If the guest gets the answer correct, they get a little prize. If they are wrong, they are out. Have a pre-set number of questions so the game doesn't run too long.

Cookie or cupcake decorating is a lot of fun as a bridal shower activity. Buy supplies like icing, food coloring and sprinkles. Have each guest decorate their cookie or cupcake. The bride can judge who has the best design. Then the guest can either eat their creation right then and there or take it home to enjoy later.

Hopefully, one of these ideas for a bridal shower activity gives you some inspiration in your planning. The less stress you have, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself!